Gems, Precious Metals and 
Securities Insurance
All risks of physical loss or damage
Static and transit risks
  • From the moment precious stones or metals come out of the ground to the day finished pieces are sold, Sutton International’s valuables insurance and related coverages are tailored for all parts of the value chain.

  • We provide customized products for mining companies, manufacturers, diamond dealers, wholesalers, retailers, private collections and government and museum permanent collections.

  • We provide insurance for mining companies producing the raw materials, as well as wholesalers, retailers and individual collectors, for a range of risks including theft, damage and loss in transit.
  • Sutton International offers insurance tailored specifically to clients with special coverage needs for gems, precious metals, securities and other valuables.

  • Risks  consultants providing comprehensive risk management solutions based on an understanding of client business priorities and goals.

  • Risks of physical loss or damage to gems, precious metals, securities and other valuables while in transit or in storage.

  • Third-party liability for a range of clients from banks and institutions renting safety deposit boxes to contractors managing ATMs